Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These general terms of use apply to all relations between over-shop.com and its users.

The term “Site” represents the over-shop.com website and its administrator.

The term “User” represents all natural and/or legal persons accessing and using the over-shop.com website.

The terms “Rules”, “Agreement”, “Terms and Conditions” are used to designate this User Agreement.

Acceptance of the Terms

The Site Services are only offered to persons who agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Security Policy set forth. Use of the Site constitutes full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Security Policy. By accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Security Policy, the user agrees to receive information messages and periodic newsletters to the email address(es) used for orders placed on over-shop.com. The User will have permanent access to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Security Policy for the use of the Site in order to consult them at any time.

ATTENTION! Orders honored in accordance with these Rules accepted by the customer at the time the order is placed and refused by the customer for reasons other than those described herein, we reserve the right to complain by online means the integrity of the buyer.

Description of services

over-shop.com is an Online Ordering Site, where you can order products from our diversified catalogue.


The information published on over-shop.com belongs to the Site. This information may not be published, transmitted, copied by any method without the written consent of the legal representative of the company. Failure to comply with these conditions is punishable according to the law in force.


– All information on the Site that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed using electronic equipment;

– the content of any e-mail sent to buyers by the seller by electronic means and/or any other available means of communication;

– any information communicated by any means whatsoever by an employee/employee of the seller to the buyer, whether or not in accordance with contact information specified by the seller;

– information relating to the goods and/or services and/or prices charged by the seller in a given period;

– information relating to the goods and/or services and/or prices charged by a third party with whom the seller has entered into a partnership agreement, in a given period;

– data relating to the seller, or other inside information about the seller.


By registering an order on the site, the buyer agrees to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) by which the seller conducts its business operations.

The notification received by the buyer after placing the order is for information purposes only and does not represent acceptance of the order. This notification is made electronically (e-mail) or by telephone.

For justified reasons, the seller reserves the right to change the quantity of goods and/or services in the order. The seller shall notify the change in the quantity of goods and/or services in the order to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the buyer when placing the order.

The order shall be deemed to have been placed between the Seller and the Buyer when the Buyer receives from the Seller, by e-mail and/or SMS, the notification of dispatch of the order.

The documents and/or information provided by the seller will appear publicly on the official website.


Access to place an order is allowed to any customer/buyer.

For justified reasons over-shop.com reserves the right to restrict the customer/buyer’s access to place an order and/or to some of the accepted payment methods, if it considers that based on the customer/buyer’s conduct or activity on the site, his/her actions could in any way prejudice over-shop.com. In any of these cases, the customer/purchaser may contact the customer relations department of over-shop.com to be informed of the reasons that led to the application of the above-mentioned measures.

Communication with the seller can be done by interacting with the seller, posting opinions regarding goods and/or services or communicating through the addresses mentioned in the “contact” section of the website. Opinions or addresses containing insults or inappropriate language will be excluded from the site or ignored. The seller is free to handle the information received without having to justify it.

over-shop.com may publish on the Site information about goods and/or services and/or promotions offered by it or by any other third party with which over-shop.com has concluded partnership agreements, within a certain period of time and within the limit of available stock.

All prices for goods and/or services presented on the Site are expressed in lei (RON) and are final.

In the case of online payments, the seller is/cannot be held responsible for any other additional costs incurred by the buyer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the bank issuing the card, if the currency of issue differs from RON. Responsibility for this action rests solely with the buyer.

All the information used to describe the goods and/or services available on the site (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation on the part of the seller and is used solely for presentation purposes.


The Seller may assign and/or subcontract services related to the fulfilment of the order to a third party, with the Buyer’s prior consent, without the Buyer’s consent being required. The Seller shall always be liable to the Buyer for all obligations agreed.


The content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to stylized representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the site, are the exclusive property of over-shop.com, which reserves all rights obtained in this respect directly or indirectly.

The customer/purchaser is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, display, include any content in any context other than the original one intended by over-shop.com, include any content outside of the site, remove the insignia signifying the copyright of over-shop.com on the content as well as participate in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content, without the express written consent of over-shop.com.

Any content to which the customer/purchaser has and/or obtains access by any means whatsoever, is subject to the document, if the content is not accompanied by a specific and valid use agreement concluded between over-shop.com and the customer/purchaser, and without any implicit or express guarantee made by over-shop.com with reference to that content.

The customer/purchaser may copy, transfer and/or use the content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, only if they do not conflict with the provisions of the document.

If over-shop.com grants the customer/buyer the right to use, in the form described in a separate usage agreement, specific content to which the customer/buyer has or obtains access as a result of this agreement, this right extends only to the content(s) defined in the agreement, only for the period of its or these content(s) existence on the site or the period defined in the agreement, according to the defined conditions, if these exist and do not represent a contractual commitment on the part of over-shop. com for the respective customer/purchaser or any other third party who has/acquires access to such transferred content, by whatever means and who could be or is in any way prejudiced by such content, during or after the expiry of the agreement of use.

No content transmitted to or acquired by the customer or purchaser, by any means of communication (electronic, telephonic, etc.) by accessing, viewing and/or viewing shall constitute a contractual obligation on the part of over-shop.com and/or the employee/employee of over-shop.com who has mediated the transfer of the content, if any, towards such content.

Any use of the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted herein or by the accompanying user agreement, if any, is prohibited.


The customer/purchaser may place orders on the site by adding the desired goods and/or services to the shopping cart and completing the Order by making payment in one of the ways expressly indicated. Once added to the shopping cart, a good and/or service is available for purchase insofar as there is stock available for it. The addition of a good/service to the shopping cart, in the absence of the completion of the order, does not entail the registration of an order, nor the printing of the order.

By completing the order, the buyer consents that all data provided by him/her, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order.

By completing the order, the buyer consents that the seller may contact the buyer, by any means available / agreed by the seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the buyer.

The Seller may cancel the order placed by the Buyer, upon prior notice to the Buyer, without any further obligation of either party to the other or without either party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases:

– Non-acceptance by the buyer’s card-issuing bank of the transaction, in the case of online payment;

– Invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by over-shop.com, in case of online payment;

– The data provided by the customer/buyer on the website is incomplete and/or incorrect;


The prices of goods and services displayed on the over-shop.com website are final.

The price, payment method and payment term are specified in each order. The seller will issue an invoice to the buyer for the goods delivered, the buyer’s obligation is to provide all the necessary information to issue the invoice according to the legislation in force.

The Seller shall send the Buyer an invoice for the order containing goods and/or services sold by over-shop.com, with the exception of goods and/or services sold by over-shop.com’s partners, and for any other payments related to the order, exclusively in electronic format, by adding the invoice to the Buyer’s account or by e-mail, to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer in his account.

For a correct communication of the invoice related to the order, the buyer is obliged to update, whenever necessary, the data in his account and to access the information and documents related to each order, existing in the account.

Through this means of communication, the buyer, by accessing his account, will have a record of the invoices issued by over-shop.com, being able to save and archive them at any time and in any way he wishes.

By sending the order, the buyer agrees to receive the invoices in electronic format by adding them by over-shop.com to his account or by electronic mail to the e-mail address mentioned in his account.


The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods by door-to-door courier to the Buyer, direct delivery to the Seller’s premises or by post.

The methods of payment for the moment are bank transfer or cash on delivery, plus shipping fee.

The delivery fee is the one indicated after choosing the delivery location on the checkout page.

Delivery time

The delivery time of your order is between 2-3 working days for indoor profiles and 7-14 working days for outdoor profiles from the date of placement. Once accepted, we are obliged to deliver your order as soon as possible. Exceptionally, during periods of reduced price sales or during the Christmas and Easter holidays it is possible that the delivery time may be exceeded due to the large number of orders to be processed, both in terms of preparation and actual delivery by the express courier company.


Return procedure

If you are not satisfied with the products purchased from our online store, you can return the products within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product (according to GEO no. 34/2014 – on consumer rights ), provided that the returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered (in the original packaging, with all accessories, with intact labels and documents that accompanied it)

Your legal right to cancel an order placed by making a return of goods is regulated by the legislation in force, namely the Emergency Ordinance no. 34 / 2014 on consumer rights in distance contracts. The return can be made within 14 calendar days from the date on which you took possession of the order and it is necessary to take into account the indications below.

All our products are covered by a commercial guarantee and conformity guarantee in accordance with legal provisions and are subject to our commercial conditions.

You can benefit from this legal right if the conditions stipulated below are met.


All products are subject to the return conditions below:

Products can be returned after you have received the confirmation by mail.

If the product is not returned according to the return conditions below, the product will be returned to the customer, who will have to pay the return shipping charges.

The refund of the amounts due from the return is only made by bank transfer to the account indicated by you in the Return Form within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the date we received the product that is the subject of the return.


The products to be returned must be accompanied by the label and the related invoice.

All products must be returned in the same quality as received, with all accessories and in the original packaging.

There are categories of products that cannot be returned: products that have been used (according to OUG 34/2014 you are responsible for the reduction of the value of the product)-

In accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned law, the cost of delivery of the product returned to us will be covered by you.